Ovest Graniti Srl is a young and dynamic Company, that from twenty years deals with the processing of Luserna’s Stone.

Ovest Graniti Srl is a young and dynamic Company, that from twenty years deals with the processing of Luserna’s Stone.

The Company is located in the middle of Val Pellice, which is knew because of many caves of Luserna Stone. Our production is a complete one: from customized parts to any types of products, for indoor and outdoor; as well the availability of the crude product.

The colors of the Luserna Stone are grey, red and mix and that’s depends from the percentage quantity of iron; that’s why this stone is yellow-red colored.

This stone is required in order to realize steps, shelves, sills and coating in general. As it’s characterized by a lamellar structure. It’s very resistant and a good solution for may processing, also in minimal thickness. It’s used also to made indoor complements as: stairs, floors, steps, coating, bathroom’s top, kitchen’s top, … The composition, the color, malleability are all factor that recall the furnishing naturalness, and made this material one of the most demanded in furnishing projects.

In our deposit in Garzigliana (TO), we have a large availability of Luserna Stone in “natural split surface” and also Luserna Stone “flamed”, available in blue color, red and mix.

Processing luserna Stone in the hands of the craftsman


The service that Ovest Graniti offers to own guests is a complete service. This kind of service has contributed, during the years, to give a great value to the Company.
In Ovest Graniti we don’t occupy only of the furniture, but also we realize, together with our Guest, his personal project.

This kind of service, is made by 4 phases: direct inspection, to yard in order to take measures – project’s development – manufacturing and supply – finish laying.
The guest’s advantage is to have just one interlocutor during all the phases of this process. In this way is it possible to optimize time and resources in order to obtain an optimal result.


Depending on the processing’s type, we can divide Luserna stone in two categories:

Luserna stone flamed: suitable for indoor and outdoor as stairs, steps, sills, door’s threshold, kitchen’s coating, bathroom, fireplace, fountains.

The raw slab is flamed (that’s mean that is submitted to a process that refines the surface’s characteristics. Then, depending on the final use, is possible to polish, brush or bushhammer it. The thickness is constant and regular.

The sides could be simply milled, or they can also be finished with specific method. In this case is it possible to obtain the bullnose, half-bullnose or other finishing.

Luserna stone with natural split surface: is obtained cracking some blocks of raw stone making slabs. Then, from this slabs we can obtain flooring or coating tiles. The surface is naturally rough with different thickness. That’s give uniqueness to the realized things. In this category falls product as Quadrettoni with handcutted sides, quadrettoni with cutted sides, opus incertum, paves, products suitable for roofs and walls coating. In addiction products for street furniture.

Where we are

Regione Montebruno, 8 10060 Garzigliana TORINO


Tel. +39 (0)121 541538
Email: info@ovestgraniti.it

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